Today, December 20, at a session of the Lviv city council was made a decision** to approve a loan agreement with EBRD for the construction of waste treatment plant, which will be built on Plastova Street, 13. For the corresponding resolution voted 38 deputies.

“It is just formal agreement about giving Lviv 35 million euros for implementation of the project of solid household waste managing. In order to move in accordance with all the necessary procedures for the preparation of the plant construction, it is necessary to approve a loan, a grant agreement, as well as a contract for the provision of a local guarantee for this project with the European Bank. This is actually a confirmation from the city of all other decisions on financial cooperation with the EBRD, for which city deputies voted during the year. Now we have performed all the formal procedures and agreement of financing of the project will come into full effect “, – noted Vadym Nozdria, director of LCE “Green City”.

In this way, the EBRD will be able to fully start financing the measures provided for solid waste management project next year. This is about construction of a waste treatment plant and the Hrybovychi landfill rehabilitation. For these purposes, city received a loan of EUR 25 million from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, a grant of EUR 10 million – irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The signing of the relevant agreement took place on June 1, 2018 in Kyiv

“It’s pleasure for me, that today at the session we finalized reparation stage in cooperation with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development in relation to the construction of waste treatment plant and start of landfill rehabilitation. This is the first project in Ukraine under the EBRD. In this project, our government structures are getting new experience. These are the things that are made for the first time in Ukraine. Today’s decision is formal. We do not have any projects, financed by the EBRD, to which we would have comments or remarks “- added Andriy Sadovyj.

Let’s remind, that Lviv is solving complex problems of solid household waste management. For the past two years, the first modern waste treatment plant in Ukraine with the European technology of mechanical and biological waste treatment will be built in the city, the old landfill will be rehabilitated and implemented a new waste management system. It will provide sorting of dry and wet waste, secondary raw materials and arrangement of separate areas for collecting electronics, large-sized and construction waste. Already next year, a composting station for organic waste will be opened.

** – The Decree “On Approval of the Loan Agreement of 01.06.2018 concluded between LCE “Green City” and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the Grant Agreement dated 01.06.2018 concluded between LCE “Green City”, Lviv City Council and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Guarantee, Compensation and Support Agreement from 09.08.2018, concluded between Lviv City Council and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development “.