Today, on January 25, in Lviv, took place public hearings on the environmental impact assessment. Event was organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in the Lychakiv district administration. Participants of hearings were 258 people. Hearings lasted for almost two hours.

“Hearings were very emotional. It even was the threat of failure. The subject of public hearings was an impact assessment of the future waste treatment plant on the environmental. Procedure is aimed for preventing environmental damage, ensuring environmental safety and environmental protection. This is a new law,which was approved at the end of 2017 and it’s implementing a new European model of environmental impact assessment procedures. It should be noted that experts who conducted this study took into account national and international requirements for the construction and operation of such facilities “, – said Vadym Nozdria, director of the LCE “Green City”.

“At public hearings were registered 258 people. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear any questions from them today,only written comments were received. Minutes, videos of all materials will be set forth in the free access in a single register of environmental impact assessment. By February 13, it is possible to submit any proposals or remarks, “- said Vitalij Maslo, a representative of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

During last year, experts from the Design Institute “ComfortBud”, with the involvement of a specialized expert organization, studied the technology of this plant in order to understand whether it would affect on the city’s ecology.

“During this time, experts conducted a lot of research on the  plant impact. The only minor warning in the document relate to biogas emissions (which does not pose a threat to the citizens and the environment) and noise from the work of the equipment on the complex. However, their impact on the city and adjoining houses will be negligible. All indicators are within the limits of Ukrainian and European environmental norms. In report of the assessment impact on the environment indicators of the maximum allowable pollution of the air, impact on the soils, water, flora and fauna are defined as absolutely safe “, – said Mykola Khrshanovskyj, a representative of the Design Institute” ComfortBud “.

Let’s remind, that Lviv comprehensively solves the issue of handling solid household waste. In two years, in the city will be build first in Ukraine modern waste treatment complex with European technology of mechanical and biological treatment of waste, rehabilitated old landfill and introduce new waste management system, which will provide sorting of dry and wet waste, secondary raw materials and arrangement of separate areas for collecting electronics, large-sized and construction waste.

Already next year will be opened composting station for organic waste. For these purposes, city received a loan of EUR 25 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a grant of EUR 10 million – irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The city contribution is 6.75 million euros.