The future waste treatment plant in Lviv will not harm the environment, and its environmental impact is acceptable. This is stated in the Opinion on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which was published by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, taking into account the comments and suggestions that came from the Lviv citizens.

“Based on the estimations of the probable impact on the environmental components (water and land resources, soils, climatic factors, material objects, landscape, levels of noise, heat and vibration pollution) in the EIA Report, the overall impact of planned activities under normal operating conditions is environmentally permissible “, – is stated in the Opinion on the Environmental Impact Assessment in the ATS Registry.

In the document is also stated that an entity must carry out post-project monitoring for at least 3 years after the commissioning of the plant, as well as for planting in the amount of at least 300 trees for 1 year.

“Conclusion on environmental impact assessment from the Ministry of Ecology is one of the most recent and major stages of preparation for the start of construction of a waste treatment plant. We have received another one confirmation that the future complex will be environmentally safe and comply with all European environmental standards. So, we expect that this year the construction of the waste treatment plant in Lviv will begin “, – said Vadym Nozdria, Director of LCE “Green City”.

Let’s remind, that on January 25, in Lviv, public hearings on environmental impact assessment (EIA) took place, after which the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine should give its opinion on the possibility of building a waste treatment plant in Lviv.

During last year, experts from the Design Institute “ComfortBud”, with the assistance of a specialized expert organization, studied the technology of this object in order to understand whether it will affect on ecological state of the city. Experts who conducted this study took into account national and international requirements for the construction and operation of such facilities.

Lviv comprehensively solves the issue of handling solid household waste. In two years, in the city will be build first in Ukraine modern waste treatment complex with European technology of mechanical and biological treatment of waste, rehabilitated old landfill and introduce new waste management system, which will provide sorting of dry and wet waste, secondary raw materials and arrangement of separate areas for collecting electronics, large-sized and construction waste.

Already this year will be opened composting station for organic waste. For these purposes, city received a loan of EUR 25 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a grant of EUR 10 million – irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The city contribution is 6.75 million euros.