Today, April 25, deputies of Lviv city council at the session voted for a public campaign of waste management and development of environmental education. The document was prepared by LCE “Green City” in conjunction with environmental initiative “Clean City”. The program is aimed at informing of city citizens about how properly sort waste, how waste treatment complex in Lviv will look like and how it will affect the entire waste management system.

This program is part of the comprehensive measures for the implementation of the new waste management system in Lviv and aims to inform Lviv citizens how to properly sort waste. After all, the efficiency of the future waste treatment plant will depend on how carefully people will sort waste.

“Enlightenment campaign is primarily focused on explaining people principles and essence of the new waste management model that we are introducing in Lviv. Most important in these activitivity is to focus on sorting and minimizing the generation of waste – this is one of the cornerstones of the model that will be introduced in Lviv. Our task is to teach people how to deal with waste. According to the European hierarchy of waste management in conjunction with the active ecological environment of the city, we will learn to sort waste, minimize it’s formation in everyday life and show how that can be achieved”, – said Vadym Nozdria, director of LCE “Green City”.

In particular, it’s  series of open discussion meetings that concern with the development of waste management in the city, environmental festivals, series of eco-lectures. Among the events are interactive meetings with schoolchildren, a series of ecological meetings, master classes and workshops. Also, city intends to issue methodological materials for environmental trainings on preventing the formation, minimization and rational management of waste for various target audiences.

Lviv comprehensively solves the issue of handling solid household waste. In two years, in the city will be build first in Ukraine modern waste treatment complex with European technology of mechanical and biological treatment of waste, rehabilitated old landfill and introduce new waste management system, which will provide sorting of dry and wet waste, secondary raw materials and arrangement of separate areas for collecting electronics, large-sized and construction waste.

Already this year will be opened composting station for organic waste. For these purposes, city received a loan of EUR 25 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a grant of EUR 10 million – irrevocable financial assistance from environmental funds. The city contribution is 6.75 million euros.