Today, June 20, during the session of Lviv city council, deputies made changes to the concept of sorting solid household waste. Soon, all container platforms in the city will be transferred to a mandatory system with four containers: dry and wet fraction, glass and residual mixed waste. The introduction of sorting at the citywide level is an indispensable component for the successful work of the future waste recycling plant, which will start building this year.

In Lviv there are plans to install four types of waste containers – for wet organic fraction (mowed grass, small branches and food waste), secondary raw materials (plastic, waste paper, metal, combined packaging), glass and mixed waste. The purpose of such system is increasing the quantity of resource-consuming raw materials from the composition of household waste, reducing volume of residual waste that falls into the dumping. This  especially applies to organic component, which is about half of the total waste content.

“In different cities of Europe, we can see a different number of containers, because each municipality itself decides how to optimize separate waste collection, based on its own circumstances. Studying experience of different countries, we dwelt on the example of how it was implemented by Poland. Introduction of waste sorting in Lviv at the city level is a big step forward to a gradual transition to a new model of solid waste management and a comprehensive solution of waste problem”, – said Vadym Nozdria, director of LCE “Green City”.

Sorted dry waste will be sent to enterprises for recycling and reuse. Organic will be processed at the composting station, which will start working this summer. In order for the citizens to freely sort waste in this way, all necessary containers and bins must be installed by September 1. Also in autumn, Lviv city council plans to approve the scheme of placement of sites for collection large and small household waste.

Recall that Hrybovychi landfill is being prepared for a complex rehabilitation, which will take place in two stages. It’s a part of a comprehensive plan for solving problem of solid household waste management in Lviv. In two years, in the city will be build the first in Ukraine modern waste treatment complex with the European technology of mechanical and biological treatment, rehabilitated the old landfill and introduced new waste management system. It will provide sorting of dry and wet waste, secondary raw materials and arrangement of separate areas for collecting electronics, large-sized and construction waste. Already this year will open a compost station for organic waste.