сommunal enterprise of Lviv city counсil,
which forms the modern waste management system in Lviv


Construction of mechanic-biological complex

The concept of a project for construction of mechanic - biological complex for the processing and recycling of solid household waste in Lviv is based on idea of ​​maximum volume reduction and residual total amount of recycled waste that is sent for disposal.

On this complex will be sorted resourceful secondary raw material. Organic fraction will be composted, and solid fuels will be produced from a suitable waste.

It is assumed that the application of such technological principles will allow to reduce by 65-70% amount of waste sent for disposal.

Rehabilitation of Hrybovychi landfill

The restoration of the Hrybovychi landfill is part of a complex waste management plan in Lviv.

Rehabilitative work will proceed in two stages. First, landfill body will be slopped and covered with a special technological protective screen, which will protect landfill body from precipitation, and hence - further formation of filtrate. After covering with protective layer, landfill will be covered with a fertile soil layer. This process will last for 2-3 years. During this time shrubs, bushes, small plantations will be planted at the site. As a result, landfill will look like a big square. Also, during rehabilitation process, limits of landfill will be returned, since waste is beyond the certain perimeter.

Development of a municipal system of separate waste collection

Together with construction of the mechanic - biological complex, city will rebuild system of rational waste management.

A single system of separate solid household waste collection will be introduced throughout the city, which will allow the centralized collection of "dry waste" from the population (paper, cardboard, polymers, metals, tetra-pack), "wet waste" (organic residues and contaminated paper and cardboard ) and "glass". The rest will go into the "mixed waste" container.

Also, in each district of the city will be created sites for the collection of large-scale waste.

Informational and educational campaign

Taking into account the importance and indissolubility of the technical and social aspects in the formation of a new quality of municipal waste management system in Ukraine, LCE “Green City”, with the support of a number of public ecological environments in the city, provides ongoing education and information to the city community regarding waste management.

Constant promotion and popularization of knowledge about minimization and rational waste management among the city community causes behavioral change of the population in relation to waste and increases public awareness about effective participation in implementation of rational waste management methods.




Vadym Nozdria
Svyatoslav Yevtushenko
Deputy director
Mariya Golets
Chief accountant
Mykola Riabyka
Director’s Assistant Manager for Media Relations and Public Sector
Khrystyna Kovtun
Head of Finance and Procurement office
Taras Kaluzhnyi
Chief Specialist of Finance and Procurement office
Pylyp Andriy
Head of Energy Efficiency and Green Investments
Iryna Nagovska
Leading specialist of engineering office
Volodymyr Globin
Head of the engineering office – chief engineer
Poshyvak Borys
Leading specialist of Ecology and Raw Materials office
Yuliya Shmidt
Head of Ecology and Raw Materials office
Chaikovskyi Bohdan
Leading legal counsel of legal office
Mykhailo Lutsiv
Head of the legal office – main legal counsel
Kateryna Korinna
Deputy director